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Patient Experience is Bigger Than HCAHPS Scores

By Jennifer Thew RN  
   April 17, 2018

Drive improvement through data

"After our councils [give feedback] people will say, ‘That is one person's opinion.' So, when you have good consumer research, you get the power of the data and the benefit of rich dialogue in the advisory councils."

"For example, Anne Martino, who is vice president of consumer engagement at Aurora, and I partner on a patient advisory council. The discussions there inform thinking around her work and she often leverages issues of importance that come up at that council to inform her research."

"For example, billing was a huge issue for our patients and their families. Anne partnered with the billing department and her division to overhaul our online billing capabilities and the transparency of our charges. While the example isn't nursing-focused, it exemplifies how we [take] the council [input] and the consumer insights data and translate that into operations, whether that is a billing situation or a clinical program."

Connect back to the organization's culture

"As leaders, use your pulpit to connect that [patient-centered] work to the culture of the organization. Each person has a story. We are sensitive to what that person's story is—both those of our caregivers and our patients."

"I think there is messaging that leaders can use within an organization to both tell and show how listening to our patients is important—listening to our caregivers and understanding the perspectives of patients and families. This gives us a sense that we are all in it together."

Editor's note: Sharon Quinlan will be sharing more insights on patient experience during the panel presentation, "Leverage Nurse Impact to Innovate and Enhance the Patient Experience" on May 1 at the World Healthcare Congress in Washington, D.C.

Jennifer Thew, RN, is the senior nursing editor at HealthLeaders.

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