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1 in 2 Physicians Demoralized, Dissatisfied

By HealthLeaders Media News  
   September 21, 2016

Two-thirds (66%) do not believe hospital employment will enhance quality of care or decrease costs. Even 50% of physicians who are themselves employed by hospitals, do not see hospital employment as a positive trend.

Though the great majority of physicians have adopted electronic health records, only 25% said EHR has improved efficiency in their practices while 54% said EHR has detracted from efficiency.

"Clearly, more physician participation in and acceptance of the key levers of healthcare reform will be needed for a true transformation of the healthcare system from volume to value," Ray said.

Additional Findings

Additional survey findings include:

  • 80% of physicians are overextended or are at capacity, with no time to see additional patients
  • 48% of physicians said their time with patients is always or often limited
  • Employed physicians see 19% fewer patients than practice owners
  • 46.8% of physicians plan to accelerate their retirement plans
  • 20% of physicians practice in groups of 101 doctors or more, up from 12% in 2012
  • Only 17% of physicians are in solo practice, down from 25% in 2012
  • 27% of physicians do not see Medicare patients, or limit the number they see
  • 36% of physicians do not see Medicaid patients, or limit the number they see
  • Only 6% of physicians said ICD-10 has increased efficiency in their practices

The survey was conducted by the physician recruiting firm Merritt Hawkins.

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