Succeeding in Value-Based Care with a Next-Gen Revenue Cycle

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Value-based reimbursement (VBR) models are becoming more common. Success under these models depends on showing positive improvement in key metrics, but providers often struggle to accurately report the quality of care provided.

A next-generation revenue cycle that combines clinically aware artificial intelligence (AI) with an unmatched foundation of evidence-based medical research and knowledge provides the transparency necessary to both accurately report care quality and directly influence the patient satisfaction quality metric.

This paper reviews how a well-tuned revenue cycle can help hospitals succeed with value-based contracts, earning appropriate incentives and avoiding penalties.

Moving from Patient to Consumer: Patient Expectations Then vs. Now

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There was a time when a whole family went to one doctor and it was paid for by their insurance. They rarely saw a specialist because they trusted their doctor’s word as law. Patients were patients and doctors were doctors but lines have blurred and patient experience has changed today’s patients have consumer expectations and they are knowledgeable

Healthcare is making the transition from the pure traditional model of patient to the world of patient/consumer. Understanding what this shift from patient to consumer looks like is the first step toward successfully navigating these changes.

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