Why the Item Master Is the Center of Your Universe: Driving Operational and Financial Performance Through Data Integrity

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While the item master should be the single source of truth for product and pricing data, most provider organizations struggle with inaccurate, outdated and erroneous information. This 11-page white paper looks at organizations that are getting down to the root of these issues and implementing master data management strategies aimed at not only cleaning up their item masters but also maintaining integrity over time through data synchronization and automation.

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eBook: Your Toughest Customers: Why Responding to Loved Ones is Critical for Patient Experience, Satisfaction

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Amplion's national study comparing experiences and expectations of patients and their loved ones shows that loved ones are setting a much higher bar for hospitals. They are giving nursing staffs lower marks for responsiveness, communication, and care coordination.

In this ebook, we will offer recommendations for hospitals for improving the experience of patients and their advocates, share insights from national leaders in patient experience, care coordination and patient advocacy and provide guidance for people process, and technology to build a culture of accountability.

Attracting and Retaining Physicians in Today's Hyper-Competitive Healthcare Environment

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Gone are the days when your physician liaisons called on physicians to discuss referrals and recruit physicians armed with only the "word on the street." In fact, if your institution is doing this, you can be sure that any competitor is winning the referrals with the help of market intelligence. Optimize the power of PRM with market intelligence. A PRM market intelligence system is the differentiator — the game changer — your institution needs. Take the first step to learning how your physician liaisons can help your health system grow patient volumes, revenue, and market share in this hyper-competitive environment.

Download this eBook to learn how to augment your PRM system with market intelligence and...

  • Cultivate deeper connections with in- and out-of-network physicians
  • Recruit new physicians
  • Capture more referrals
  • Improve physician satisfaction and loyalty
  • Track ROI of outreach efforts

Improving efficiency in healthcare: Contingent workforce methods and outcomes

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The goal in Contingent Workforce Management efficiency is to transition from an inefficient, pen, paper, phone and fax driven process to one that is transparent, fast and cost-effective. This WisePaper discusses 4 ways to improve efficiency:

  • Process automation
  • Using KPIs to measure and succeed
  • 3rd party options: VMS or MSP?
  • Process automation

Maximizing Point of Service Collections: Improve Health System Financial Performance

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Changes in healthcare have put a spotlight on front-end collections. Revenue coming directly from patients due to the proliferation of high deductible health plans is growing and, as a result, point of service collections has become more complex. This white paper discusses the pressing need for health systems and practices to shift the focal point of revenue cycle improvements to front-end workflows to help reduce costs and improve financial performance.

Driving EHR Value with Clean Item Master Data White Paper

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As you plan your EHR implementation, consider the critical role item master integrity plays in keeping systems aligned and delivering better patient care. Learn more about master data management strategies that put you on the path to a successful implementation.