Your Mainframe Modernization Playbook

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Viewstream - AWS/Deloitte

How to migrate, modernize and transform your mainframe. Jump-start your digital transformation with these plays for a streamlined cloud migration.

Inside this playbook, you will uncover the required plays to renew your enterprise IT, including how to:

  • Optimize value by assessing where you are in your modernization maturity
  • Turn data into agility
  • Reduce complexity through migration by seeing the road ahead
  • Drive growth through hybrid cloud models

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The Recipe for Revenue Compliance Starts with the Chargemaster

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Chargemasters is more than just CPT® and HCPCS codes. It’s a key part of processes across departments, and its data can help a hospital develop insights into its operations.

To keep the chargemaster in top shape, don’t stop at CPT/ HCPCS code updates. An effective chargemaster governance program goes beyond the basics to keep the chargemaster in order while gaining the maximum value from charge data.

This eBook will provide a fresh look at your chargemaster policies and procedures and consider how you can deploy charge data to ensure revenue integrity.

6 Steps to Healthcare Performance Improvement Through Peer Comparisons

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As healthcare organizations prioritize financial recovery, understanding how your hospital stacks up against peers is key to developing an actionable healthcare performance improvement plan. Comparative data allows healthcare leaders to dig in to market trends and ask the right questions.

Read this e-book to learn: 

  • A step-by-step approach to successfully incorporate comparative analytics into your existing processes
  • How to access the right data and put it into context to glean useful insights
  • Key requirements for identifying data sources and inputs
  • Real-life examples of financial results organizations have achieved through comparative analysis

Community Hospitals Meet Challenges, Leverage Innovations: Best practices for community hospitals at this stage of the pandemic.

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Community Hospital Corporation

It can be challenging to focus on long-term plans when short-term crises call out for attention, but that’s just what community hospital leaders are called to do. While the pandemic has stretched rural and community hospitals, leaders need to move ahead with information gathering, analysis and planning to help ensure their hospital’s long-term sustainability. This whitepaper explores the impact of COVID-19 on community hospitals across several key areas and offers guidance to help hospital leaders prepare for the future.

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LTACHs vs SNFs: Distinct Patient Profiles

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Kindred Hospitals

Understanding typical patient profiles and treatment expertise at different post-acute care settings is key to improving patient outcomes, reducing readmissions, and lowering cost of care. While long-term acute care hospitals (LTACHs) and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) are often misunderstood as fulfilling the same role, they exist to efficiently and effectively care for patients with different admitting conditions and severity of illness. 

Download this infographic to:

  • Learn about the top 5 admitting conditions at LTACHs and SNFs
  • Discover the severity of illness of patients in each setting

The Post-COVID-19 Patient Journey

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Experian Health

COVID-19 changed the patient journey in America. It sped up the transformation that was already underway around the use of data and digital tools to enable better and varied access, engagement, transparency and control.  There’s an urgent need to assess what worked, what didn’t and what changes were influential at a level beyond the immediate need of responding to COVID-19. What’s here to stay (and what may continue to evolve)? There’s absolutely opportunity today for providers and payers to respond with actions that help ensure patients experience the best outcomes, while also looking ahead at ever-newer approaches and technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), to ensure an even better and more resilient patient journey, and improved provider operations, going forward.

This white paper provides strategic analyses and recommendations to assist decision-makers in prioritizing those opportunities.

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