Case Study: Turning to Mobile to Increase Patient Engagement, HCAHPS Scores

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What if you could make your patients happier, healthier, and also reduce your carbon footprint? That’s what South Shore Health System does with their pregnancy app. Faced with the fact that 84 percent of babies are born to millennials, this Boston-area healthcare system is engaging them more directly in this highly-competitive market. South Shore has been able to overcome traditional communication barriers and improve HCAHPS scores by 68% within six months, as well as save thousands in printing costs of booklets millennial mom’s don’t use.

In this case study, you will learn how South Shore Hospital implemented a mobile strategy to successfully improve branding and messaging within their community of moms.  See how they aligned 40 different referring physicians into a single coordinated care protocol with a patient friendly feature set.  See the proof that you can apply to your own patient experience strategies.

Disrupt Your Healthcare System Before Amazon Does

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Healthcare spending accounts for nearly 18% of GDP, with costs of chronic disease treatment projected at $42 trillion at 2030. Many healthcare organizations are not quite ready for change that is imminent to bring down these costs, but that doesn’t stop industry leaders like Amazon from stepping in.

In this whitepaper, you will learn:
• The effect of same-day cancellations and using a mobile solution
• How apps are helping lower preventable readmissions
• 7 different apps linked to higher efficiency in healthcare
• Keys to adapting quickly as companies like Amazon

How Millennials are Redefining Healthcare

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Millennials are quickly becoming the dominant healthcare consumers, both for themselves, their families and as caregivers. Having grown up in a technology-first environment, however, they are increasingly dissatisfied with the static nature of healthcare options and are seeking out alternatives.

Now is the time to engage with Millennials; with 82% of babies born this year to Millennial mothers, many are looking to establish a relationship with a healthcare system for the first time. A strong mobile-first digital strategy is essential to offering the engagement and convenience this very brand-loyal generation is expecting.

Patient-Centered Healthcare via Patient-Generated Health Data

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Hospital and health system executives are developing and implementing new tactics to meet the healthcare industry's core strategic need: a higher value of care at a lower cost.

As a result, patient-generated health data (PGHD) has the potential to change clinical delivery from a haphazard and episodic model to one based on the availability of real-time data. However, the US healthcare system is facing a variety of challenges that make it difficult for patients and providers to benefit from the increased flow of PGHD.

Download this free white paper today to learn more about: 
• the operations and incentives needed to capitalize on PGHD;
• the market forces and players influencing the future of PGHD;
• the results and demonstrated value of PGHD from the successors
and failures.

Post-Care Collections: A Proactive Guide

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We all know the importance of collecting from patients at point of service. But what if you have limited opportunity to discuss payment with patients before you render services? Or what if you’ve done all you can to collect prior to care delivery, and still can’t collect in full? 

Use this guide to learn the strategies and proactive steps you can take to increase post-care collections and improve your bottom line.

The Healthcare Executive’s Guide: Seven factors to consider when selecting your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution

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Managing the complex financial aspects of your healthcare business is a daunting task. You need a holistic, intuitive and intelligent solution that empowers you to be proactive and control costs with precision. Use this guide to make the most informed decision when selecting an ERP solution where better patient care is the bottom line.