What Keeps Healthcare Finance Executives Up at Night?

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The healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving. An increase in patient payment responsibility and the move toward bundled payments and value-based care delivery are just a few of the challenges weighing heavily on the minds of today’s healthcare executives.

In a recent survey by Connance and Porter Research, senior revenue cycle executives across the country were asked to rank their top pain points and the steps they are taking to address them. The results of the survey are presented in What Keeps Healthcare Finance Executives Up at Night.

Read the report to learn how your organization compares, and to obtain important information you can use to master these complex challenges.

Environmental Services: Delivering on the Patient-Centered Promise

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Compass One Healthcare

Press Ganey, in partnership with Compass One Healthcare, studied the relationship of patient-perceived cleanliness to infection incidence and overall patient satisfaction. In the end, the study found a correlation between patient perceptions of cleanliness and the incidence of HAI’s, as well as HCAHPS scores – proving that patients really do know clean when they see it.

To be successful in today’s rapidly evolving, consumer-driven health care marketplace, hospitals and health systems must aggressively protect and promote their brand by maximizing the value of their patients’ care experience. This requires identifying the outcomes that matter to patients and engaging every member of the health care team in the ongoing mission to improve those outcomes. Download this whitepaper to learn more.


New Blood: Why Health Systems Need to Look in New Places for Leadership Talent

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Integrated Healthcare Strategies

A healthcare idea that's going to make you squeamish. For the healthcare industry, there has never been a better time for an infusion of "new blood" to create the kind of transformational change needed for long-term organizational health.

In Gallagher Integrated's latest whitepaper from David A Bjork, PhD and Kathy Hall, explore how leaders from outside industries are changing healthcare organizations across the country, where they're coming from, and how your organization can prepare for the workforce future. So close your eyes, breathe in, and get ready for change. This will only cause discomfort for a second.

40 Years in the Payment Reform Wilderness:

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A well-functioning healthcare delivery system should provide the right care at the right time and place, while being accountable for clinical and financial outcomes. Medicare Advantage is a promising development in making value-based care work.

Employee Engagement for Healthcare: Increase Productivity, Improve Patient Care, and Retain a Collaborative, High-quality Workforce

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The last thing healthcare providers need when trying to provide the best patient care is a disengaged workforce. The demands of an aging population — and fewer nurses to meet them —are being felt across the continuum of care.

Delivering excellent patient care while controlling costs and maintaining high staff morale is becoming increasingly challenging in a sector that’s already stretched thin. Health systems that focus on improving workforce flexibility and driving employee engagement are more likely to retain a committed, high-performing workforce and provide a better overall patient experience.

Download this Industry Insights report today to hear what healthcare leaders are saying about this ever growing topic.

5 Questions Hospital and Healthcare Fiduciaries Should be Asking

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Russell Investments

If you’re a CFO, Trustee, Board member, or Investment Committee member, we think you need to read this quick summary of the top 5 questions hospital and healthcare fiduciaries should be asking in 2017.

Mergers, acquisitions, rising labor costs, declining insurance reimbursement levels, and regulatory and market evolutions make it hard to identify and focus on the most critical investment issues. With that in mind, Russell Investments’ thought leaders have collected what we consider to be the top 5 questions facing hospital and healthcare fiduciaries in 2017.