Post-Care Collections: A Proactive Guide

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We all know the importance of collecting from patients at point of service. But what if you have limited opportunity to discuss payment with patients before you render services? Or what if you’ve done all you can to collect prior to care delivery, and still can’t collect in full? 

Use this guide to learn the strategies and proactive steps you can take to increase post-care collections and improve your bottom line.

The Healthcare Executive’s Guide: Seven factors to consider when selecting your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution

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Managing the complex financial aspects of your healthcare business is a daunting task. You need a holistic, intuitive and intelligent solution that empowers you to be proactive and control costs with precision. Use this guide to make the most informed decision when selecting an ERP solution where better patient care is the bottom line.

Made to Lead: Empowering a Highly Competent and Engaged Nurse Workforce

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“The development of frontline nurse leaders should be a key initiative for today’s healthcare organization.” —Tammy Purcell, MSN, RNC-OB, clinical nurse executive at Elsevier

Many organizations still struggle to attract and connect with nurses in ways that motivate them to truly be a part of the organization. Those that excel at engaging and retaining nurses understand and address what drives nurses, both personally and professionally.

Download this free report to uncover the survey results and analysis of health systems and hospitals deploying several tactics to improve nurse retention.

Hybrid Cloud Assessment: Supporting Clients with a Strategic Approach

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Cloud continues to grow - by 2020, it is estimated that 48.7% of IT infrastructure spend will be on cloud environments, thanks to its ability to transform business operations. IT teams are deploying cloud solutions to deliver cost and functional alignment with the business; improving organizational agility and enable mobile workforces.

However, the cloud has its challenges too - from application performance, data residency and concerns over security, there is much to consider. Insight’s Hybrid Cloud Discovery and Assessment services are designed to help you choose the right cloud approach for your business. Download this free assesment tool to get the answers you need for your future roadmap, initial first steps, and ultimately the best cloud solution that suits your needs.

Driving Out Clinical Variation: Accurate Data and Physician Alignment are

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Clinical variation is a significant challenge in today’s increasingly complex healthcare system, adversely affecting costs, quality, safety, the patient experience, and physician-clinician satisfaction.

Inadequate governing systems, lack of relevant data on physician performance, and physician fears of “cookie cutter” medicine contribute to clinical variation.

This report explores how healthcare organizations are reducing clinical variation by tapping into the right data and creating new systems and service-line frameworks that enable physicians to collaborate more freely to develop clinical protocols and make purchasing decisions.

In Plain Sight: Heighten Your Situational Awareness of Workplace Issues

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Integrated Healthcare Strategies

Without the proper lens, your sight can be blurred and workplace issues regarding pay equity and harassment can often times be hiding right under your nose. With the national conversation bringing these issues into better focus, it's important for healthcare leaders to heighten their situational awareness. Healthcare organizations need protection with solutions that ensure appropriate behavior and fair compensation.

Download our latest whitepaper from Integrated Healthcare Strategies, a part of the Gallagher Human Resources & Compensation Consulting practice to learn how to take a proactive approach in re-examining your organization in order to achieve 20/20 vision. Authors Mary Heymans, Terry Hobbs, and Michael Ritter.