Behavioral Analytics eBook Intervenability-Drive Better Outcomes by Enhancing Engagement

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SCIO Health Analytics

As healthcare organizations continue to take on more responsibility for outcomes as a result of the transition to value-based care, one of their greatest sources of risk is noncompliance. Intervenability demonstrates how big data and analytics can be used to predict the likelihood that populations will comply with and complete the interventions assigned to or prescribed for them.

The analytics measure the willingness of individuals to become engaged in a program (such as patients actively following a plan of care) as well as their ability to do so.

Role of Financial Care in Patient Experience Obsession

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A survey of 260 revenue cycle leaders by Forrester Consulting found that patient financial experience is becoming a more urgent focus at leading health systems. Over half of hospitals say that patient experience is extremely important to them, and nearly two-thirds say that patient financial services are an important driver of overall patient satisfaction.

Key learning points:
• Trends driving consumerism in healthcare financial services
• Financial and clinical impact from improving patient financial services systems
• Strategies to build a patient experience culture and operation that drives satisfaction

Value-Based Reimbursement State-by-State

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Change Healthcare

A national study of state programs which finds more than 40 states strategically invested in value-based payment models, 20 with targets or mandates, and just 7 states trailing the trend.

Find out more in this study commissioned by Change Healthcare.

The 8th Annual Industry Pulse Report

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Change Healthcare

This annual national survey identifies what payers and other healthcare stakeholders see as the top challenges facing the industry, and as well as greatest opportunities for positive change.

This edition’s survey was open to more than 2,000 Change Healthcare customers, which includes leading national and regional payers of all sizes; members of the HealthCare Executive Group; and members of the Health Plan Alliance. Additionally, we received survey responses from healthcare leaders across the provider, vendor, government, and academic spaces. In all, 52% of respondents were at the President, Vice President, and C-suite levels.

Ready, Risk, Reward: Aligning for Success with the Second Generation of Clinically Integrated Networks

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A strategic guide for optimizing clinicially integrated networks for larger patient populations and those in advanced alternative payment models with commercial, employer and government payers.

Mt. San Rafael Hospital: Leading the Way in Attestation

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Upgrading from a paper-based environment to an EHR helped a rural Colorado hospital avoid costly Meaningful Use fines. The hospital’s doctors, nurses, board of directors, and IT team collaborated to address the difficult task of preparing for MU3.