Digital Transformation: Looking Beyond the Tech

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Today’s healthcare companies know they must embrace technology, but early conversations about digital transformation should be less about the tech and more about the strategy.

Get your organization’s effort off on the right foot by beginning with these four steps.

Machine Learning: What It Is and Why Your Healthcare Organization Should Care

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Machine learning is poised to reshape the world in which we live. In healthcare alone, it stands to make things more safe, efficient, and cost-effective for us all. But where should healthcare companies wanting to work toward the future begin? PointClear Solutions’ ebook sheds some light.

The Revenue Hero’s Guide to Revenue Cycle Success

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GE Healthcare

Revenue cycle leaders are the unsung heroes of every healthcare organization. Optimizing revenue cycle management requires that you deliver super hero level effort each day, to achieve the financial results necessary to fund the clinical mission.
The purpose of this eBook is to provide the ideas and guidance necessary to help you superpower your revenue cycle and achieve the financial outcomes that are critical to your organization’s success.

The Revenue Hero’s Guide to Revenue Cycle Success, shares strategic thinking, and provides real-world ideas and best practices you can implement in your own organization, to make a difference for healthcare and your bottom line.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • Recommended key performance metrics and tips for improvement
  • Expert tips and tools to maximize front-end collections
  • Methods to ensure back-end collections success; including denials management