Maximizing Point of Service Collections: Improve Health System Financial Performance

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Changes in healthcare have put a spotlight on front-end collections. Revenue coming directly from patients due to the proliferation of high deductible health plans is growing and, as a result, point of service collections has become more complex. This white paper discusses the pressing need for health systems and practices to shift the focal point of revenue cycle improvements to front-end workflows to help reduce costs and improve financial performance.

Driving EHR Value with Clean Item Master Data White Paper

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Global Healthcare Exchange, Inc

As you plan your EHR implementation, consider the critical role item master integrity plays in keeping systems aligned and delivering better patient care. Learn more about master data management strategies that put you on the path to a successful implementation.

Physician Alignment Shows Signs of Success Nationwide

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CEP America

In the post-ACA era, aligning physicians with organizational goals appears to be gaining traction in health systems and hospitals nationwide. Based on a February survey of the HealthLeaders Media Council, comprising executives from healthcare provider organizations across the country, physician alignment remains a complex challenge.
Even as value-based care continues to take effect, clinical integration or alignment is quickly emerging from a need to ensure quality, cut costs, and drive referrals across health systems and hospitals. Directly employing physicians has been one of the main strategies healthcare leaders are using to improve physician alignment with health systems.
Download this free report today, and learn about the results of aligning the goals of physicians and organizations.

Healthcare Perspectives Study: Viewpoints from Practicing Physicians and Healthcare Administrators

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Cejka Search

Cejka Search Healthcare Perspectives, a groundbreaking study of 1,621 practicing physicians and healthcare administrators, identifies the top healthcare delivery priorities among both groups -- how they differ and the greatest opportunities for alignment, collaboration and engagement related to the new requirements of American healthcare. The findings provide insight on attracting, engaging and retaining high-performing healthcare leadership teams in today’s transformative healthcare market.

Rethinking Physician Compensation

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Huron Healthcare

As reform moves toward value over volume and healthcare leaders take on increasingly complex payment and reimbursement plans, they struggle to align the physicians within their organizations to their system’s financial and quality goals, while balancing the ever increasing demands and stresses on physicians and their patient care teams. Physicians and advanced practice providers are crucial to every performance, quality, safety, care utilization and patient satisfaction goals. These factors significantly affect an organization's financial viability, which is why providers' compensation must be aligned with them.

The Business Case for Email Encryption

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Healthcare organizations face an ongoing compliance burden involving the protection of sensitive patient data in email. With the convenience of email as a communication and file-transfer method and the perceived difficulty of encryption, it’s easy to overlook the risks for the sake of productivity; however, IT security and compliance professionals cannot ignore the sheer volume of unsecured PHI exchanged regularly in email. Read why email security is critical to your organization and why Zix offers the industry's leading solution.