ProcedureProfiler® Helps Reduce Costs and Improve Protocols for Saint Luke’s Health System

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Download our free report to uncover how St. Luke’s Health System used BroadJump’s procedure analytics application to integrate supply chain with clinical practice and realize $1.6 million in savings.

Connecting Supply Chain with Clinical Practice: A How-to Guide

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Download our free report to uncover how to use data analytics to achieve cohesion across the supply chain and clinical practice in order to reduce procedure variation and implement best practices.

Motivating Healthcare Employees Across Generations

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With so many generations in the healthcare workforce—each with a unique set of experiences and expectations, as well as stage-of-life needs—it can be daunting for healthcare leaders to find the total rewards combination that offers the greatest satisfaction and impact.

By helping healthcare leaders better understand what motivates and matters to their teams, Gallagher offers insights into the “secret formula” that can help provide a fair and equitable total rewards strategy that isn’t an enigma.

Access our 10-page ebook to uncover the life stages of generational workers from Boomers to Milennials to Gen. Z.

Case Study: Prioritize Quality and Speed with Distributed Radiology

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Envision Physician Services

Envision Physician Services distributed radiology model ensures greater access to subspecialty radiologists, improved case routing and faster turnaround times using its national network of subspecialists and its proprietary Connect software. By implementing this model at a partner facility, Envision Physician Services improved turnaround times by delivering 95% of stat cases in less than one hour, 95% of E.D. STAT reads in 28 minutes or less and routine studies within 24 hours.

Download the latest whitepaper to see how!

Healthcare Matters: Trends & Insights for 2019

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The past year was dominated by consolidation across the healthcare market - from CVS and Aetna to Cigna and Express Scripts, the healthcare industry has been abuzz with the words "merger" and "acquisition". But is this trend here to stay?

In CredSimple's quarterly roundup of healthcare trends and news, we examine 2018's major trend and whether it will continue, or if there are any alternatives on the horizon.

Charting the Course for Sustainable Growth in a Modern Healthcare Organization

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Today’s health care CFO provides data-driven decision-making support. The era of big data and decision support gives the CFO the ability to measure and control the cost of care, conduct risk-adjusted scenario modeling and confidently recommend growth in new segments and markets.

This ebook provides best practices for the digital transformation to the new healthcare operating model for CFOs and other financial stakeholders.