Creating a Culture of Optimal Care Delivery

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Optimal care delivery is a necessity in today’s healthcare environment.

In this guidebook, Premier®, a leading healthcare improvement company with an alliance of approximately 4,000 U.S. hospitals and health systems, provides a framework that can be used to consistently deliver the most efficient, effective and caring healthcare experience to every patient, every time.

Uncover the 5 strategic elements to creating a culture of care delivery optimization.

The power of clarity: Bringing data and performance improvement into focus

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One thing is for certain: The American health care system doesn’t suffer from lack of data or information.

The biggest gap we have in achieving improvement is the lack of insights within the available data.

The data must be transparent, deep, and allow for meaningful comparisons.

Download this eBook to discover:
- the 3 C's of a healthy analytics program
- How to use data to achieve a clinically integrated supply chain
- Why transparency is a critical component in advancing health care improvement
- The role of data in performance improvement

The Longitudinal Consumer Journey - New Research from Gartner

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Successful patient engagement in the on-demand economy requires a complete understanding of consumers in your market. In order to acquire this 360° view, providers must look beyond point-of-care events and examine consumer behavior, attributes, and risk.

Longitudinal engagement in healthcare is supported and accomplished by two primary systems: CRM and EHR. Integrating these two platforms gives health systems the ability to understand a consumer’s care journey both in and out of the hospital.

Consumers weigh a lot of options when selecting a provider or hospital, such as price, amenities, service, and convenience. Learn what they value most and how to provide them with meaningful messages that address their wants and needs. Expand the care continuum beyond hospital walls to inspire behavior change and improve outcomes.

In this new white paper featuring research from Gartner, we explore the longitudinal consumer journey to help solve some of the patient loyalty and engagement challenges facing healthcare organizations.

Read about the future of patient engagement.

As Amazon Turns Its Gaze to Healthcare, the Industry May Be in for a Wild Ride

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Amazon has been making waves in different parts of the healthcare industry over the past 12 to 24 months, but its recently announced alliance with JPMorgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway demonstrated that Amazon’s ambitions go much further than simply selling healthcare products. True, the initiative is still in its infancy and is limited to employees of the three partners, but the statement sparked a flurry of speculation and sent the stocks of insurers and major healthcare companies into a tailspin. Many industry watchers are now asking: How far will Amazon, the master disrupter, take this?

As Amazon turns its aggressive focus to healthcare, what will the onslaught look like, and what might the impact be across different parts of the healthcare landscape? In this Executive Insights, we discuss why we think Amazon is serious about healthcare and what we believe are the company’s five potential points of entry into this landscape.

How to Harness Market Chaos and Lead

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Just when it seems that healthcare can’t become more complex, it does. This paper examines three factors contributing to this chaos, describes an interactive tool for understanding how those factors play out in your market, and outlines strategies to help your organization take control.

The Only Guide You'll Ever Need to Get More Patients

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Studies show one-third of patients are looking to switch healthcare providers. So how do you make sure your patients don’t leave? Download this guide and we’ll show you not only how to keep your current patients, but how to attract new ones too.

This comprehensive guide will cover:

- The growing role of customer service in healthcare
- Getting more patient referrals
- Boosting your practice’s reputation with online reviews
- Maintaining an effective social media presence
- Boosting local SEO for your practice