Connect the Dots: Nursing 3 Ways to Enhance Workflows for Nurses With an Enterprise Healthcare Communications Platform

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Nurses are essential partners on interdisciplinary healthcare teams, and must juggle even more competing priorities, on top of their highest: spending as much time as possible with their patients. This is where technology can help make an important impact, in the form of an enterprise healthcare communications platform.  Most nurses are dissatisfied with their current communication methods. The right technology, such as Spok Care Connect®, can offer innovative options to help nurses manage competing priorities and afford more time with patients at the bedside.

This eBrief will explore several communication strategies, including use case examples, that demonstrate how technology can provide the right tools to optimize nursing workflows and patient care.

Staffing to Your Demand: A Guide to Increased Filled Rates

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Healthcare employment is expected to grow 26 percent by 2022 — much faster than other industries. So why has the gap been widening? In today’s healthcare industry, there are more job openings than many other industries as baby
boomers retire and settle down with their families.

Since the healthcare industry is rapidly growing, it would seem like filling open positions would be easy. However, many hospitals and clinics struggle to fill open shifts because they are not implementing the right strategies.

In this pursuit to meet the changing demand of healthcare, it is necessary to keep filling open positions. Download this free eBook to guide you in key workforce strategies to streamline the process across your organization.

Translating Data Analytics into Population Health Insights

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Population Health Advisors

Covenant Health turned to Population Health Advisors to bypass the growing pains of leveraging its new data analytics platform. Covenant now monitors physician-level performance monthly and confidently negotiates value-based contracts with payers.

Industry Top Trends for Improving the Total Patient Experience

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Change Healthcare

Just as consumers shop around to find the best value and service when making a significant purchase, so must patients evaluate healthcare decisions as they take on a bigger share of their healthcare costs than in the past.

Hospital and health system executives looking for revenue cycle improvements, therefore, must broaden their scope beyond providing excellent clinical care to increasing patient satisfaction with the total healthcare experience as well.

Download the new Patient Access eBook to learn more about industry insights into patient satisfaction and key strategies to improving the patient experience.

Navigating the Transition to MIPS: What You Need to Know

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Navigating change can be hard, especially when money is on the line. Our MIPS Roadmap will help you determine how to take the steps now to reap rewards, avoid penalties and provide better, smarter healthcare.   

Forrester Case Study: Economic Impact of Investing in Patient Financial Care Cost Savings and Business Benefits

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How should you improve the patient financial care experience, and what are the benefits of doing so? Read Forrester's new study on the Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) of investing in patient financial care. 

Forrester studied the performance of providers over three years as they digitally transformed their patient financial experience. Results showed that providers delivering a much more patient-friendly experience, doubled the number of ""very satisfied"" patients from a 35% average to 79%, along with a 505% return on investment (ROI) and a payback in three months.

Download this study to learn more on how these health systems achieved these results, and to help estimate the benefits of improving the patient financial care experience at your organization.