Five Tips to Improve Your HCAHPS Scores

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From improved staff responsiveness to noise reduction, technology can play an important role in improving patient comfort and satifaction.

Increasingly, financial incentives for hospitals and health systems are tied to the patient satisfaction metrics measured by the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey. As organizations explore ways to improve these scores, it’s important to evaluate the underlying communication technology that can enhance the patient experience.

A preview of the five tips:
• Heed the call button
• Nix the noise
• Impress the patient


Workforce Management’s Significant Role in Patient Care

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As the healthcare industry shifts focus from volume to value, standardization is needed to accurately benchmark labor resource utilization. This is the premise of a survey conducted by HealthLeaders Media and sponsored by Kronos.
What constitutes direct patient care? Hands-on patient assessment, administering medications, and performing procedures clearly top the list. But can other activities be considered direct care too—even those not conducted in a patient’s presence? For healthcare systems trying to benchmark the impact of staffing on clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction, these are important questions.

Download the free report to get statistics and analysis from the survey questions below and much more!

  • Which of the following actions are considered direct patient care in your organization?
  • Which of the following actions are considered indirect patient care in your organization?
  • Which of the following actions are considered neither direct nor indirect care but are categorized separately as non-patient care in your organization?

Strategies to Help Your Hospital Win at Value-Based Population Health Management

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The transition from a hospital-centric model to one that improves community health will require renewed vision. The outcome will bring a shift in how leadership focuses on talent that resides on the hospital team, accompanied by new skillsets that will fill gaps left by the fee-for-service model.

From Storage to Usage: How a Data Platform Can Unlock the Value of Healthcare Data

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The age of Big Data has long since arrived in healthcare, and it continues to evolve rapidly. Solutions that once seemed like the silver bullet are struggling to keep up with increased demands. The biggest change:  managing the data that lives outside the four walls of your enterprise. Read this whitepaper focused on how a data platform can unlock the value of healthcare data.  You’ll learn:

  • Why an EDW model may not be enough for your health system
  • How data acquisition at scale and data access are easier with the right tools
  • What you will need to maximize data value

Hospital & Health System Revenue Optimization Guide

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As a healthcare finance professional, your goal is to collect more, faster while reducing debt. How can you avoid missed charges, underpayments, denials, and delinquent receivables at minimal costs?

Access the Revenue Optimization Guide for answers.

The Two-Aspirin Headaches of Tomorrow's Clinicians

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When it comes to clinical communications and workflow, today’s headaches could become tomorrow’s – but they don’t have to. Our new eGuide looks at four key challenges to clinical communication and workflow, and how four different hospitals overcame them.

Staffing shortages: See how nurses can accomplish more with less stress and spend more time on patient care.

Blending operational efficiency with clinical quality: Find out how nurses’ half hour communication workflow can be reduced to an instant.

Delivering an exceptional patient experience: Discover how our customers made complaints go down and HCAHPS scores go up by making rounding easy and systematic.

Getting physicians to adopt new technologies and protocols: Learn about how we’ve helped hospitals get physicians on board with new technology and want to keep using it.

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